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The 4-thiazolidinone ring system is a fundamental structure which is present in a large variety of synthetic pharmaceuticals that has a wide range of potential biological effects. In this work, thioglycolic acid and 6-chloro-N-(substituted benzylidene)benzothiazol-2-amine were condensed in DMF solvent in the presence of ZnCl2 to obtain novel 3- (6-chlorobenzo[d]thiazol-2-yl)-2-(substituted aryl)thiazolidin-4-one derivatives. The structure of the synthesized compounds (3a-j) were confirmed using IR, 1H & 13C NMR and mass spectroscopy.


Benzothiazole 4-Thiazolidinone Thioglycolic acid Schiff bases, Biological activities

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Baraskar, A. R., Sonawane, R., Kshirsagar, Y., & Pathan, S. (2024). Synthesis and Characterization of 4-Thiazolidinones Derivatives with 6-Chlorobenzothiazole Moiety. Asian Journal of Organic & Medicinal Chemistry, 8(3), 35–38.


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