Asian Journal of Organic & Medicinal Chemistry includes communications, full papers (articles), short papers, green chemistry, reviews, and perspectives. Specifically, these include synthesis, synthetic methods and regents, mechanism of reactions, biologically active compounds with their possible mechanism of action, natural products, in vitro and in vivo tests of compounds, computational chemistry, physical-analytical-inorganic chemistry, nanotechnology, drug carriers, proteomics and genomics. Rapid synthesis of new compounds following eco-friendly methods and their functions as medicinally active agents is certainly the central part of chemical and medicinal research in modern times. On the basis of this fact, significant emphasis is placed to rapid publication and disseminates original discoveries in this new journal.

Articles submitted for publication in Asian Journal of Organic & Medicinal Chemistry should strictly adhere to the following:

  • Provide original work in chemistry which is not published elsewhere in any medium by the authors or anyone else, and is not under consideration for publication in any other medium.
  • Asian Journal of Organic & Medicinal Chemistry is a scientific journal which publishes latest research results from all fields of chemistry, thus articles should focus on the aims and scope of the journal.
  • Format should be as in the Article Submission Template.
  • Article should be written in English language. Articles should also be clear and correctly grammatically written, in an easily readable style. (Note: All the references should be written in English Language).
  • Should be submitted by the Submit Manuscript Option provided at Author section.
  • Authors should register themselves first as new users and then upload their manuscripts from the Submit Manuscript Module.
  • In case of any problems manuscripts can be emailed directly to us at specifying Subject as "SUBMISSION FOR ASIAN JOURNAL OF ORGANIC & MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY"

Asian Journal of Organic & Medicinal Chemistry has many Eminent Professors from all over the world who are currently engaged in Scientific Research and have joined as an Editorial Advisory Board Members.

  1. The articles are sent to the Editorial Advisory Board Members and further to the reviewers based on their research areas for reviewing.
  2. After receiving the comments from two reviewers and collectively drawing the conclusion, the comments are sent to the authors.
  3. The articles can be fully acceptable or the articles can be completely rejected or the articles may be asked for some minor corrections or the articles may be required to be submitted again after major revision.
  4. Once the revised articles are received from the authors then they are sent for printing.
  5. The authors firstly receive the Gally Proof of their articles which are sent to them by e-mail for any corrections to be incorporated.
  6. After the editing and corrections are done then the authors will receive the Final Gally Proof to see what actually their paper will look as.
  7. After incorporating the final corrections the articles are sent for printing.
  8. The authors receive the Electronic Reprint of their articles. In case of some discrepancies Erratum is provided in the next issue.