Overview of Phytomedicine for Stable, Incurable Angina Pectoris



Herbs, Chinese herbal medicine, Herbal medicine, Cardiovascular, Angina pectoris, Medicinal plant


Herbal treatments have been used to treat heart disease, particularly stable angina pectoris, by people of many different ethnic groups since ancient times. Herbs are used in a variety of ways in alternative medicine. Herbal medicine differs significantly from the  harmaceutical method, which attempts to isolate plants’ active ingredients. Stable angina pectoris can be treated with a wide range of medicines from Western, Indian and Chinese herbalisms. This review focused on the philosophical theories that describe bodily functioning and pathophysiological biomedicine begins to talk about changes in the body in a totally different way in this unique approach to understanding health and illness. After an introduction to the guiding principles of herbal medicine, the cardiovascular system and ischemia are discussed from a Chinese medical perspective. This study shows that angina pectoris treatment and the creation of Chinese herbal medicinal formulas are based on this fact. Based on scientific confirmation, the effectiveness of several Chinese herbal compositions is discussed.

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