According to the literature, the microwave-initiated process in chemical science started more than 80 years ago. Various microwave-induced methods include the determination of thermodynamic properties of  reactions, hydrogenation of olefins, dissolution of ores, polymerization, and moisture determination.

Gedye and his group first disclosed the preparation of organic molecules through microwave-assisted reactions in 1986. Giguere et al. demonstrated synthesis of a few compounds in the microwave. Microwave-induced reactions have become an integral part of research in modern days. This method has a number of advantages over classical methods.

Microwave-induced process has been applied not only in the synthesis of organic molecules with defined stereochemistry it has found applications in all other branches of chemistry, biology, biotechnology and engineering. On this basis, thousands of publications are appeared in the literature on this subject in diverse journals. Therefore, the scope of a new journal using microwaves would be enormous to integrate science with engineering. It is expected that the new journal on microwaves with a reputable publisher will be an attractive publication platform for scientists.

Some authors believe that a domestic microwave is unable to maintain the temperature of the reaction. In contrast, scientists also have demonstrated a variety of successful reactions in domestic microwaves without any problems.


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