Publishing Services

Asian Publication Corporation is aware of the vital need for cost effective, quality publishing for non-profit organizations and it offers a complete selection of publishing services and products, and delivers those services and products with proven expertise, reliability and professionalism.

Asian Publication Corporation has an experienced production team that can facilitate, co-ordinate and manage all aspects of publications from manuscript submission, through all stages of production, to online publication and final distribution. We offer a comprehensive package of services for journal publishing that support the editorial vision and mission of the journal and wide range of services which can be tailored to suit your needs.

We can streamline the production process and ensure that deadlines within the publication process are met in order to empower our clients to achieve the full potential from their publications.

Composition Services


From writing specifications to creating templates to page makeup and more, Asian Publication Corporation composition teams have the experience you should demand from the publishing partners you’ve entrusted with transforming your manuscript into a finished more

Editorial Services

Editorial Services

Maximizing quality, effectiveness, profitability and constant pressure to publish more, faster, and for less means that publishers require continuous improvement in production processes. The combination of a dynamic readership and highly competitive marketplace requires new levels of agility and scalability to respond effectively to market more

Artwork Services


Our artwork and graphic design services provide an established visual content rather than just textual content. If you are looking for quality graphics rendering services, we are there to aid you. Our creative teams of designers and artists have the ability to enhance four-colour artwork based on photographs, graphics and more

Indexing Services


Your content is already extraordinary. Packaged with our digital technologies and expertise, it becomes easier to discover, use, and share—an invaluable resource to researchers. Asian Publication Corporation can assist you in obtaining journal ISSN and Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs), integration of DOIs and the DOIs deposit and reference linking to more