Indexing Services

Your content is already extraordinary. Packaged with our digital technologies and expertise, it becomes easier to discover, use, and share—an invaluable resource to researchers. Asian Publication Corporation can assist you in obtaining journal ISSN and Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs), integration of DOIs  and the DOIs deposit and reference linking to Crossref.

We also have extensive knowledge of the various scholarly databases available to journals. We can assist in comprehensive indexing of your content to get your journal listed on the appropriate indexes, and marketing to ensure broadest possible exposure to the journal. We can also help determining the appropriate time to apply for an index or database, and which ones are important. Once your journal is accepted into a database, we will provide the necessary metadata and XML file submissions to update and maintain the journal in the index on an ongoing basis.

Our commitment to ensuring your journal is well positioned in the scholarly community, will both build on your past successes, while creating opportunities for future achievements. We are committed to empowering researchers and librarians around the world and to drives better research outcomes for users and greater efficiency for the libraries and organizations that serve them. We’ll customize a strategy that preserves and promotes your brand to new markets, including driving potential new customers back to your own website.


  • Assistance in obtaining journal ISSN
  • Assistance in obtaining Journal Digital Object Identifiers(DOIs).
  • DOIs integration in the manuscript/s.
  • DOIs deposit and reference linking to Crossref.
  • Journal submission to major indices and Scholarly Databases.
  • Deposit to and inclusion in internationally recognized indexes and databases.