Editorial Services

Maximizing quality, effectiveness, profitability and constant pressure to publish more, faster, and for less means that publishers require continuous improvement in production processes. The combination of a dynamic readership and highly competitive marketplace requires new levels of agility and scalability to respond effectively to market demands. Achieving a balance of flexible, best-cost publishing without compromising on quality requires a publishing services partner with a sophisticated operational platform and a resource base that can be deployed rapidly to meet your unique and changing requirements, from eBook publishing to corporate publishing.

Asian Publication Corporation professionals will prove records in managing editorial and production processes for the publishers. APC works to each publisher’s best interests, with a rigorous attention to publication integrity.

Today’s market has witnessed a change in what editorial services are wanted and how they are provided – progressing from working on paper to working electronically, requiring skilled, technologically savvy editors; from working primarily in-house to outsourcing, from outsourcing locally to nationally to worldwide; and, as knowledge about our world has grown with daily innovations and discoveries. APC will meet and embrace these challenges.

Our editing services also offer low prices for our services. At the same time, low prices do not affect the quality of our work. We maintain confidentiality and your privacy is protected. So, you can be assured of one of the best editorial services.

Our Specialization

  • Pre Editing

Pre-editing is done using a set of toolbar-driven programs that run behind MS Word. These programs take care of document clean-up; document structuring; structural validation; reference styling; consistency of hyphenation, capitalization, and italicization; spelling; abbreviations; number style; and house style. Publisher- and journal-specific databases of styles and rules sit behind MS Word so that the pre-editing process can be easily customized for new journals and new publishers.

  • Development editing

Development editing is the highest level of editing and is very invasive. But it is ideal for authors who really want to see how to develop their writing and weed out both major and minor issues. In development editing, the editor leaves no stone unturned and gives you the full benefit of their experience and expertise.

  • Manuscript Preparation

Our editorial team carries out a technical assessment on the author manuscript and makes it ready for production as given below:

Detailed manuscript preparation, with composition/production needs.

Creating Table of Contents

Inputting author changes from hard copy to e-files

Art assessment (re-drawing, re-labelling, color correcting, re-sizing)

Researching missing reference information

  • Language Refining

This service refines the English used by non-native-English-speaking authors, restructures the sentence into meaningful sentences and  provides grammar revision.

  • Copy Editing

Our copy editors are well versed in various scientific disciplines, appreciate author’s concerns and respect the content and its expression.